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What are hemorrhoids and how to treat them

What are hemorrhoids and how to treat them

Causes of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids represent dilatation’s of hemorrhoidal veins that are placed in the rectal area and in the anal area. This region is very sensitive to every day pressure (meaning too much sport or lifting weights, so to avoid them you require a balanced and healthy life!

Usually external hemorrhoids and the internal hemorrhoids appear after 30 years, at workers who lifted weights and at people that make a very big effort during working hours. Also, sitting too much on a chair, will make you suffer from hemorrhoids. But now, because of a very unhealthy lifestyle, they are appearing at a very young age. Besides lifestyle, there are many factors that cause them such as: obesity, pregnancy in women, prolonged efforts at defecation, abdominal tumors, certain liver diseases and more.

All these things including a sedentary life, meaning sitting too much on a chair in front of a computer or a TV, or the absence of any type of sport, will bring you to hemorrhoids.

Depending on the location you can have internal and external hemorrhoids. The internal ones are multiples and they have irregular shapes. While you use the toilet, they can be abused and they can bleed. Bleeding can even be the main symptom of internal hemorrhoids because in most cases they are asymptomatic. External hemorrhoids increase their volume during the time you use the toilet which leads to itchy, pain and a great discomfort. It is very important to change your lifestyle, to introduce fruits and vegetables in your diets, to try and make plenty of outdoor exercise (for example, you can go to the aerobic or play tennis) and you need to avoid prolonged sitting on a chair in front of a computer.


HemoTreat the best treatment for hemorrhoids

It is good to know that the pharmaceutical industry created a lot of medicines including ointments that help us greatly. So, if you suffer from internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids you need to keep an ointment in your bag all the time. HemoTreat can reduce your pain almost instantly. See the producer original website here: http://hemotreat.ro

If people will think about the symptoms from the beginning and go immediately to the doctor, the treatment for hemorrhoids shouldn’t be aggressive. If you go to the doctor in this moment, you can treat them with ointments that are on the market. In this way you can avoid aggressive treatments and even surgery that is much more expensive and painful.

Many people neglect them for a very long time, so it often get complications which draws upon many problems .These problems can be avoided if you will change your lifestyle and you will do more and more exercise and if you will eat healthy.

Hemorrhoids do not have to affect our lives. On the contrary, because of the ointments that we have available we can reduce the discomfort, the bleeding and the pain that are caused by hemorrhoids. So, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids do not have to frighten people, but they should be treating with existing ointments, you should change your lifestyle and the suffering will pass more easily. Also alcohol consumption should be avoided spices, especially chili peppers, acre and everything will be easier.

When you should check an ophthalmologist?

When you should check an ophthalmologist?

What is an Ophthalmologist?

An Ophthalmologist is a doctor that diagnoses and cure eyes health problems.

When you should go to the Ophthalmologist?

You should do to a doctor at least once a year, even since from the childhood. Nowadays, many children have vision problems because of the genetics (when they are very little) or because of the technology (smartphones, computers), so, they need to do to the doctor at least once a year. Adults have also to go to the Ophthalmologist at least once a year because they can have eyes problems and doesn’t have for the moment symptoms.

Despite this regular visit to the doctor you must go to him when:

  • You observe a loss of vision. It doesn’t matter if it just seems that you see less with one eye or both of them. You must go to the doctor even if you think that your problem is a little one. Many people think that the fatigue is the cause and in many situations it isn’t like this.
  • If you observe any problem, even if you see it just once. Problems as spots appeared from nowhere, or flashed of light, if you see double or if you see blurry things and faces.
  • Also, you need to go to the doctor if you see shadows.
  • If you see changed colors. It can be Daltonism or other eye disease.

Why people have so much eye problems?

The first reason is that they do not present to the doctor when it is the moment. They also do not do their regular eye consultation. If they do not see clear, they stay home and hope that the problem will disappear by itself or they think that the problem has another cause. They come to the doctor only in the moment they have big problems. For example, they come to the Ophthalmologist when they do not see to read anymore or when they do not see thing at distance anymore. Another reason is when they see blurry faces for a long time and the list can continue.

How can you observe as an adult that you have eye problems?

It’s simple, you observe any problem presented below and you know that it is time to go to the doctor.

When you know that your child has to go to the doctor?

Many times, parents go with their children to the doctor too late. They neglect their child symptoms or words because they think that their son or daughter want only to attract their attention. Because they do not know how to express themselves, the first symptom is headache that lasts for days.

child eye

Our ophthalmology clinic is waiting you if you observe any problem like that. We offer you great specialist that can diagnose you any eye problem you have, no matter what age are you. You can visit us from Monday to Sunday, from 7.00 am to 7 pm. We have a great technology, the newest machines and the greatest specialist. They will give you a great treatment and you will see normal again!